Dedication (demo)

by Imaginatron

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This EP was recorded under the alias Tion, a moniker which was quickly invented and almost as quickly abandoned. It's the product of about half a year of composing and one crazy evening of recording. Phew!


released September 9, 2006

Recorded at Elvärket, Mariestad, Sweden. Music, lyrics and so on by Erika Nilsson.




Imaginatron Aberdeen

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Track Name: Phoenix (demo)
Fly me
Fly me to the edge of day
Cry me
I'll cry you all my blood, you'll cry my tears away
Share me
Share my wounds and heal my pain
Scare me
Scare me with the beauty of your eyes again

I don't dare to walk here alone without you by my side
I don't dare to stay in this lonely night
Fire away with your light

Claim me
The sky is your domain tonight
Blame me
I'm blaming you for making me, too, take flight
'Bove me
Your wings and voice caress my skin
Love me
Scare me, fly me, claim me, love me deep within

I don't dare to ...

Fly me ... to the edge of day
Claim me ... the sky is your domain
Love me ... deep within
Touch me
Touch me with your voice and heal my soul again

I don't dare to ...

Fly me, cry me, scare me and love me, I pray
Would you stay?
I don't want to stay on the ground this night
Phoenix, do please give me flight
Track Name: Mastermind (demo)
From the start, you know, you are
Chosen from among us all
Blessed with a Mind
Could be the brightest, rivalling the stars

Use it, lose it, someone said
Use for Good or use for Bad
Good became "your own"
Which of course ended up with you being quite alone

'Cause you're a Mastermind
You're so ahead of your time
However high your IQ score
You'll always want some more
Mastermind, that's quite a serious crime
It's time you understood
Even the Genious could be good

Criminal Genious: destiny
Another kind of being free
Of a Shark with a Mind like pointed teeth

Goddess gave you mental grace
In your field, you always ace
Never insecure
May the Goddess forgive you for being such a bore

'Cause you're a Mastermind ...

The Opponent makes their Move
Smarter than you'd thought them to
In this dangerous show
Let's just hope that you play this Game better than your foe

'Cause you're a Mastermind
A Mastermind
'Cause you're the Master
It's time you understood
Time for the Genious to be good

'Cause you're a Mastermind ...

It's time we call it off
To see them lose is quite enough
'Cause I'm still sure I'll find
That you're the winner, Mastermind
Track Name: Monday In My Head (demo)
I fell asleep and slept all night long
And still I can see you
I fell into a love that's so strong
I keep thinking about you

Your peaceful scent is still left
Upon my pillow
I need you, stay here
And after all that we did
And all we said
There's still a Monday in my head

I dream, but no matter what my thoughts
There's your face before me
I dream, and it's not too bad, you know
When you look into me

I guess I might need you more
Than you need me
That's not a problem
But after all that we did
And all we said
There's still a Monday in my head

This situation, I know, is bigger than I
Could have imagined
But though I know all the things
We did and said
There's still a Monday in my head

Monday in my head, ooh
I miss that Monday, the day you were here
Part of me knows you're still near
There's still a Monday here
Monday in my head ...
Track Name: Ameliorate (demo)
Ameliorate, it's never too late
You'll come to love all that you learned to hate
You'll come to make right all your mistakes
It's never too late to ameliorate
Though bad luck might be called a twist of Fate
You sure could ameliorate

Back again you come
Hoping things will be undone
As if people who deserve it get better
Back again, you dare
It's bad enough you still pretend that you care
Luck would be of use
If it wasn't so diffuse
You will never get what you do not ask for
And luck is just an improving state

Ameliorate ...

Back again you came
Hoping I was not the same
As if people who get put down get helped up
Back again, you dare
It's bad enough to still pretend that you care
I won't make your mind at ease
Time heals wounds but not like these
And you'll never get what you do not pay for
Decision - too much - hesitate

Ameliorate ...

What am I to do?
Ameliorate you?
Is that to be done?
What am I to say?
Ameliorate me?
You're second to none
To date

Improve - it's not impossible
If you try to shape
Your own fate

Ameliorate ...

Ameliorate, it's never too late
But good things do not come to those who wait
And chances get less with every day
Re-love and relate
When things get good, it's not because of fate
But because you ameliorate
Track Name: Pawns In A Game (demo)
How come life is filled but of blood, sweat and tears?
How come mind in peril brings up but old fears?
It's the way it's made to be 'cause we are nothing
Compared to what we compete about
The God of Goodness plays ugly games sometimes

We are nothing but pawns in a game
And the Gods are moving us back and forth
From west to east and from south to north
And the Gods are moving us back and forth
From west to east, to south, to north

How come stars are so innocent and so fair?
How come all what man wants is to be up there?
Why is this
And why are you and me
Why are we
Why is humanity staying free
Why are there actions, why are there make-beliefs?

We are nothing but pawns ...

How come man is doing all those funny things?
How come none can ever find out what this brings?
How come man cannot do peace?

We are nothing but pawns ...

We are nothing but pawns in a game