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Inspired by S.P.O.C.K's "I Am An Android", a certain board game and a good friend of mine.


From the start, you know, you are
Chosen from among us all
Blessed with a Mind
Could be the brightest, rivalling the stars

Use it, lose it, someone said
Use for Good or use for Bad
Good became "your own"
Which of course ended up with you being quite alone

'Cause you're a Mastermind
You're so ahead of your time
However high your IQ score
You'll always want some more
Mastermind, that's quite a serious crime
It's time you understood
Even the Genious could be good

Criminal Genious: destiny
Another kind of being free
Of a Shark with a Mind like pointed teeth

Goddess gave you mental grace
In your field, you always ace
Never insecure
May the Goddess forgive you for being such a bore

'Cause you're a Mastermind ...

The Opponent makes their Move
Smarter than you'd thought them to
In this dangerous show
Let's just hope that you play this Game better than your foe

'Cause you're a Mastermind
A Mastermind
'Cause you're the Master
It's time you understood
Time for the Genious to be good

'Cause you're a Mastermind ...

It's time we call it off
To see them lose is quite enough
'Cause I'm still sure I'll find
That you're the winner, Mastermind


from Dedication (demo), released September 9, 2006
Recorded at Elvärket, Mariestad, Sweden. Music, lyrics and so on by Erika Nilsson.




Imaginatron Aberdeen

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